Artisanal marshmallows

These gourmet bites are not your typical puffs

Move over macarons —there’s a new sweet in town. Gourmet marshmallows are experiencing a boom right now and they ain’t your typical supermarket variety. Handcrafted, small-batch and available in strange new flavours, this campfire snack is upping its artisanal ante as more bakeries craft versions with all-natural ingredients. For morsels of pure pillowy goodness, check out New York City’s Three Tarts Bakery for strawberry-basil, or try the passion fruit variety at Manhattan’s Épicerie Boulud. In Canada, you can find gin-and-tonic marshmallows at Toronto’s Nadège Patisserie and peanut butter ripple at The Pink Spatula in Vancouver, B.C.

Photo by Jennifer Kirk Photography.


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