Inside the July Issue

The July 2010 issue of up! magazine reveals this year's Value Awards winners, along with other stories.

Happy Canada Day! Hope you are all out and about enjoying it, whether you're in your hometown or some fabulous locale within the WestJet universe.

To celebrate our nation's 143rd birthday (not to mention the fact that the issue comes out today), here's a handy rundown of what you'll find online from our July 2010 issue:

Our Value Awards are out! We received thousands of votes for your favourite places in WestJet destinations, and we can finally reveal the winners. Visit our Value Awards page to see the full tally of deserving winners, then vote for your 2011 Value Award choices!

Tinsel Korey, of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse fame, reveals her most cherished spots in Phoenix, AZ.

We explore a national historic site called Grosse Ile, Quebec's point of immigration for more than a century.

Grab a spoon and read about the inner workings and history of Bermuda fish chowder, the island nation's much-loved culinary masterpiece.

Happy Trails!

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Allison MacDonald

Allison MacDonald has explored Cuba, Arizona and the Bahamas, among other locales, none hold a candle to her native Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia.


Great article; really enjoyed it.

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