7 secluded beach hideaways

Secret locations that make your heart skitter

Need a beach where the two of you can really get away from it all? The sort of place so far removed from typical itineraries that Starbucks wouldn’t consider setting up shop there? Not that we hold anything against Starbucks or spots like Waikiki, but we were looking for secret pocket beaches, mile-long stretches of powdery sand, tucked-away waterfalls, world-class waves—essentially, spots for the perfect tryst.


Kauai, Hawaii: Maha'ulepu Beach

Think From Here to Eternity, hit the refresh button and you’ve got Maha’ulepu Beach, a cosseted strip of sand on the south shore near Poipu. The dramatic coastline framed by majestic Ha’upu Mountain is flat-out inspiring. But there’s more to do here than just ogle your better half. Bring a board since there’s a surf spot for advanced surfers—you may even spot a pro out for a solo practice. Post-splash, hike the Mahaulepu Heritage Trail or look for humpback whales; that moves the enchantment into 3-D territory.

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