Ultimate Sun Guide

Start planning your sun getaway

We know everyone has his or her idea of what makes the best warm winter getaway. Some crave deep-sea adventures. Others desire nothing more than rugged cliffs or private coves of emptiness. Then there are barflies, foodies, surf dudes, yoginis, golfers and history buffs—all of whom just want to find their own bliss on the beach of their dreams. Treat this Ultimate Sun Guide as a cheat sheet to your perfect sun getaway. There’s a quiz designed to help match your travel preferences to one of six prime sun destinations; we also have a chat with Jillian Harris, an epic road trip down the California coast and a mother-daughter romp through Arizona.

Now is the time to do your homework, before you book—and long before you slather on the coconut oil and get sand on the floor of your rental car. Make that a convertible!

Ultimate Sun Guide Quiz

What kind of sun-seeker are you?

Find the perfect sun destination for you

With so many beaches, islands and resorts, how does one decide?

Barbados for the Inspiring Romantic

A balance of Caribbean hospitality and British charm

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