Crazy Pianos

For a laid-back night on the town in Miami that doesn't involve a bass-thumping nightclub, Crazy Pianos fits the bill

There’s just one rule at Crazy Pianos: there are no rules! Whether you’re young or old, looking to have a night on the town or a low-key after-dinner nightcap, you can be as rowdy or as chill as you like at this laid-back piano bar.

Miami Beach may be notorious for having swanky nightclubs for the young and elite, but Crazy Pianos sheds all those barriers and invites anyone and everyone to come in and have a good time.

Inside Crazy Pianos

What’s the main attraction to this southern hotspot? Great live music every night of the week.

And trust me—we’re not talking stuffy karaoke-type crooners here. These are fantastic entertainers who play instruments and belt out fun tunes that make everyone want to get up and move.

While sharing a few cocktails with friends, I chatted with the bartender, who was very friendly and personable. When I asked how they keep the place so packed, he explained that Crazy Pianos keeps the quality high by always having a complete band at the helm, including two pianists and a drummer.

On the Menu

With all the singing and dancing you’ll be doing, you’ll likely get hungry and thirsty in no time. 

Crazy Pianos has a full menu with everything from pasta and seafood to vegetarian options. I noshed on their Mahi Mahi Ceviche Shooters, which were made with fresh mahi mahi, a local ocean catch, key-lime juice, peppers, corn and red onions. Delish!

I was also tempted to order the lobster ravioli, kobe beef sliders or their signature ahi tuna tini, but restrained myself—this time.

While Crazy Pianos offers a wide range of mixed drinks and beers at reasonable prices, we opted for a couple of rum and Cokes (there’s bottle service too).

Ditch the Nightclubs

Crazy Pianos’ décor is bright and whimsical, with vibrant red pianos and splashy wall murals of celebs. It’s precisely this kind of relaxed, fun vibe that sets this piano bar apart from the ultra-posh lounges in the neighbourhood that are stuffed with glass and chrome.

The outdoor patio is particularly relaxing on a warm Miami evening, too.


So have a drink, go for a meal, and get your requests ready—there are lots of stations stocked with paper and pencils to give the musicians your favourite ditties.

I was too busy catching up with old friends to get my request in. But the next time I'm in town, you can bet I'm heading to Crazy Pianos and requesting Sweet Caroline. It's the best sing-along song I know!


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Jennifer Cox

Jennifer Cox is a full-time Montreal-based freelance journalist, and contributes to a wide range of print and web-based publications. She married her high-school sweetheart in October 2009 after 13 years of dating.


Had the most wonderful night, then back for lunch the next at Crazy Pianos. Kudos to the Shrimp Escargot, the guys in the band, and my all-time favorite servers, Sheena, Andrew and Mirasol. Wish we had one of these in Philadelphia....exceptionally unique! I have a photo diary of the night and next day there in pictures....absolutely smile everytime I look at it!


Excellent--you hit the nail on the hit. I'm not a "clubber", but I still like to have fun at the young age of 45, plus those Boys in the Band Rock! Great night of song and dance at Crazy Pianos!


Hey--us 40+'s like to get up and dance too! Really great place, hoping to get something as laid back as this in my hometown Philly suburbs! Working on it....keep you posted!
Thanks again Orin, Dave and the Boys! Now....was Davy Jones really there that night or was that a wild rumor?????

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