Dateland Palms Village

Hand-held meals are the ultimate travel food: you can stay mobile, eat with locals and keep your other hand on your iPhone, daypack or toddler. So roll up your sleeves and dig into a date roll at Dateland Palms Village just outside of Yuma, AZ, because...

Your trip is too short to wait for a table!

A little east of Yuma at a highway junction in the prickly Sonoran Desert, there’s a crossroad that looks like a theme park called Dateland Palms Village. It’s actually a café, a gas station and an RV park. This is the heartland of the beautifully nutty Medjool date, surrounded by 12 acres of palm tree orchards that supply the full-flavoured, meaty fruits for a variety of treats.

Travellers used to stop at the local restaurant to get their fill of date-stuffed foods, but now visit the café for the date rolls (US$6.75/pound)—freshly ground dates rolled in flaky coconut—and top-heavy date ice cream cones.


This story was originally published in the October 2009 issue of up! magazine as part of Grab & Go, a package of stories profiling the most delicious dishes eaten with your hands in Canada, the United States and the Caribbean. Check out other scrumptious spots in these WestJet destinations:







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Pamela Cuthbert

Pamela Cuthbert is a Toronto-based food journalist who has travelled to many parts of the globe, all the while discovering the bounty of the true taste of a great destination—without the aid of a fork.

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