Golf Mont Cascades

Located 30 minutes away from Gatineau and Ottawa, Golf Mont Cascades is a rustic golf course that's both affordable and scenic

There’s a rustic, no-frills charm to Golf Mont Cascades, perched at the edge of the Gatineau River, a half-hour north of downtown Ottawa. Case in point: the cart barn is an actual barn. But gone are the pretensions and prying eyes of a less-austere and rural layout. And the steepest green fee is a mere $38.

Green Fees

Mon. through Fri., daytime rates range from $30 to $38, with a twilight fee of $20. Seniors and juniors, $25. Power carts $19 for 18 holes (including a GPS rangefinder). Club rentals, $6 for a seven-piece set; $18 for an 11-piece.

Where to Stay

To escape the myriad ofhotels in downtown Ottawa, try the La Vallée Restaurant Motel in Chelsea. The country-style B&B offers kids under 10 a free stay and a top-notch Dutch-Indonesian restaurant. Rooms start at $60. (819-827-0524)


If your kids like adventure, check out the Laflèche Adventure Cave and Aerial Park, 15 minutes from Wakefield in Val-des-Monts. Explore a massive underground cave, or visit the treetops via rope bridges and zip lines. (From $54 per family; 819-457-4033)


The Kevin Haime Golf Centre in Kanata, just outside Ottawa, is easily one of Ontario’s finest practice facilities—perfect for any age or skill level. A quick 30-minute primer for kids ages five to 18 is just $40, but the full hour is a better deal at $60. (613-591-0006)

Off Course

The kids won’t forgive you if you skip the new SplashForest slides at Mont Cascades Mountain Waterpark. (819-827-0301)

Cantley, Que.; 819-459-2980; montcascades.com

This story was originally published in the April 2010 issue of up! magazine as part of the Value Golf Guide feature, profiling 10 of Canada’s most affordable and family-friendly golf courses. Take a look at The Great Canadian Value Golf Guide: The Family Edition.

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James McCarten is a Toronto-based journalist with the Canadian Press and is up! magazine's golf writer.

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