Jennifer’s Upper Level Restaurant

Where broccoli and bacon make a beautiful thing

Before you die, you have to try Jennifer’s Broccoli Bacon Salad.  It usually comes on the side of many of the delicious main course dishes but don’t expect to get a copy of the recipe – it is a closely guarded secret.

What’s no secret is the success of Jennifer's Restaurant. Above the identically named Jennifer’s home wares store, the hardwood floors and views of the bay are great additions to the wonderful food and friendly service. There are booths along the wall that offer some privacy (and romance). Or sit in the open room and enjoy the warm tones of the restaurant and you’ll quickly see and taste why it’s been voted a top restaurant by the Newfoundland Herald.

The menu has something for everyone with seafood, chicken, beef, pork, and turkey dishes for the hearty eaters. For a lighter meal, try the warm scallop or shrimp salad – with your wallet only getting $10 lighter. The dessert menu is also fairly priced and boasts all homemade items such as the sublime Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with Newfoundland’s favourite topping – bakeapple (off the Rock, it's known as cloudberry).

After your meal, head across the floor to the front of the building. Here, The Bar Room makes for a cozy spot to digest and ingest more. Order up a cocktail or a martini (for under $10) and if you have any room left in your belly dish up some popcorn from the old fashioned popcorn maker set up near the bar.


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Marija Dumancic

Marija Dumancic is an Alberta native, born in Calgary and raised in Drumheller. Having lived and worked all over the world, she's currently posted in Ottawa with Canadian Geographic magazine.

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