Love and Hate at the Calgary Stampede

Prominent Calgarians sound off about their favourite and most hated parts about the Calgary Stampede

Some people adore the Calgary Stampede, others not so much. up! rounded up some prominent Calgarians and asked them two very simple questions about Cowtown’s biggest hoedown: what do you love and hate most about the Stampede?

Dr. Harvey P. Weingarten

President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calgary

Loves “For 50 weeks a year, Calgary is a never-look-back kind of city, positioning itself as an international player in the oil patch and in business. But for 10 days in July the community honours its roots. It’s more than the rodeo, the fairgrounds, pancake breakfasts and cowboy hats. There’s a genuine appreciation for the pioneer, entrepreneurial spirit that built this province. People are proud of it and they should be: it’s part of what makes Calgary unique.”

Hates “For 50 weeks a year there’s barely time to catch your breath in Calgary—and Stampede is even busier.”

Ian Chiclo

Publisher, Fast Forward Weekly

Loves “The fireworks! I love the fact that you can plant yourself on a hill in Renfrew or Ramsay every night and watch the fireworks show for free.”

Hates “The garbage it leaves behind.”

Tony Spoletini

Co-owner, Spolumbo’s Fine Foods and Deli

Loves “The chuckwagon races.”

Hates “I’m not crazy about some of the rides… without the rodeo and the Calgary tie-in, it would just be another sideshow and carnival.”

Duff Gibson

2006 Olympic Gold Medallist

Loves “Those little doughnuts.”

Hates “Those little doughnuts! Especially after the Zipper [roller coaster].”

Photo: DJ Camacho

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