Find the perfect sun destination for you

With so many beaches, islands and resorts, how does one decide?

You wade into the surf, just far enough to feel it. The sand massages your toes. The sea tickles your ankles. The sun rises a bit higher in the blue sky as the breeze widens your smile.

Welcome to your holiday. To help you choose the perfect patch in the sand, we’ve created the first up! Ultimate Sun Guide.

What’s your Travel Personality Type? Get matched with one of the six vacation destinations that will best suit your travel style.

Take the Ultimate Sun Guide Quiz to find out which type you are.

6 Sun Destination Travel Personality Types

Inspiring Romantic

Hand-in-hand walks on the beach, soft sunsets that lower into the sea, candlelight dinners at oceanside tables, chocolate hearts on your pillow at turndown service … does it get any better? Your heart hammers at the slightest touch of the one you adore. But, oh my, you love this vacation.

Family Fan

You crave experiences for kids of all ages, though it’s always best when you have someone from your family by your side. Where there’s a boat trip to watch stingrays glide eerily by, you’re on it. When baby turtles begin their march to the sea, you’re there. The deep pool that shimmers in a cave is an invitation to family fun.

Adventure Seeker

The thrill you get when you’re in motion keeps you moving toward your next adventure. Diving beneath the waves to explore a shipwreck is undersea heaven. The thrum of ATV handles in your hands as you veer upwards on a jungle dirt road quickens your breath. You’ve never met a zipline you didn’t love.

Real Relaxer

You’re happiest with your feet up on a cosy lounger as you overlook the ocean, though you do enjoy an unhurried stroll. Whether you’re poolside with a book, at the beach with your turf staked out or on the balcony, you’re in your comfort zone with fresh towels, cool drinks and snacks nearby. Hey, is that a hammock under that palm tree? Sigh.

Culture Vulture

You seek out cultural experiences and heritage sites. If there are remnants of an old colonial house perched on green grass overlooking the sea, you’re there. When musicians play a concert in a town square, you’re ready to kick up your heels. Where rum punch is mixed and celebrated, you’re sipping from the first glass.

Intrepid Explorer

You take the road less travelled into the jungle, just to climb a hidden pyramid where few care to tread. Later, you veer off the beaten path to find the local guide who speaks little English, but knows a tributary in the wetlands leading to a remarkable lookout at the edge of a freshwater lake. Mission accomplished.

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