Seaworld San Diego

Visit Dolphin Stadium and Manta, the new roller coaster.

Claim to fame

Splash! The original, 1964-founded SeaWorld remains best known for its Shamu group of killer whales. At the 5,500-capacity Shamu Stadium, admire these magnificent orcas as they leap, vocalize, do balancing acts and devour fish. “Dine With Shamu” offers a close-up view while you feast on a buffet meal. Dolphins, birds and acrobats at Dolphin Stadium perform with Broadway-meets-the-Olympics flair.

Thrills for teens

This summer, race off to Manta, SeaWorld’s dynamic, brand-new roller coaster. Alternatively, the towering water-based coaster, Journey to Atlantis, exhilarates with a soaking-wet 18-m drop, plus cool visuals and more ambience evoking the lost underwater empire.

Fun for wee ones

Take tykes to the Sesame Street Bay of Play. They’ll love live performances with beloved Big Bird and Cookie Monster, and frolic with slides and tunnels in the Net Climb. Abby’s Sea Star Spin puts a fishy twist on the traditional “Mad Tea Cups” ride.

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