Shania Twain on her upcoming Vegas show and the possibility of a new album

The Canadian songstress talks about Sin City and new music on the way

It’s been quite a ride for Shania Twain. From her poverty-stricken youth to a heart-wrenching and very public divorce, the Canadian beauty is putting all that behind her to take on a new challenge: Sin City. Twain will perform Still the One at Caesars Palace over the next two years, starting this December and continuing in March and April 2013. Twain chatted with up! about her upcoming residency show—her first live shows in almost a decade—and if a new album is on the way.

Check out the March 2013 issue of up! magazine for a Q&A with Shania Twain on her must-dos in Vegas and how she mustered up the courage to write her autobiography.

How did you begin to work on Still the One?

When I decided to do the show, it was almost two years away. The first month, I was just completely dreaming and started writing everything down. It was only when I sat down with AEG and said, “This is what I’m thinking about doing. Do you think that these are things that are possible? What should I forget about right now?” I started narrowing down like that. The very first step I took in creating something concrete was with the song list and the hit songs are really the foundation of the show. Everything is based on that and then the visual and staging side of things really was based on the key, iconic images from that song list.

What can fans expect?

There will be some fantastic things that happen in the show. You’re going to feel it; you’re going to smell it. The show will be very cinematic and you will be enveloped in the environment in a multi-dimensional way. It’s not just visual. You’re going to experience seasonal changes: there’s a lot of temperature changing that goes on in the show; there’s a lot of nature in the show. I have made the show very personalized so I take everybody through the different seasons of my life. So, people can expect surprises in that regard but then they can expect the reminiscing and being reunited with familiar songs they haven’t heard in a long time. I’m really sticking to the hit songs and I’ll do a few new things like “Today is your Day,” and I might do the Lionel Richie duet, “Endless Love.” For the most part, I want to reconnect with everybody based on what we have in common and that’s the hits.

Are you excited to get back on stage?

I’ll be excited. I can’t really know until I get there, but I feel as if I’ve already gone through the most nerve-wracking part of it and that was making the decision to do it. It was a giant step for me. I’m enjoying singing again. When I think about being on stage and being like, “Ugh, how am I going to be able to run around in high heels shoes again," and "Am I going to be comfortable wearing fashion clothes?” I’ve been so relaxed in these last years and just being in sweats. I think I’ll enjoy being back with the audience, being back with the cast and the musicians and being in that environment.

How is the new album coming along?

I’m concentrating on the show and not really getting any closer to recording a new album, even though I’ve done so much of the writing. I’m more inclined to make my next record a Christmas album. I’m been dying to do a Christmas album for so long and I think now is the best time to do that. Once the show is underway I’m just going to, no pun intended, chill and fall into one of my nostalgic modes and make a Christmas album.

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Is this interview real??

Michael Lellku

happy birthday !....shania twain=deautiful woman=wonderful.....

Anderson Gustavo

I want and need the entire picture. Shania is very beautiful! They give it to me?


I love as an artist/songwriter & music. Thank you for sharing.


.shania twain deautiful woman wonderful ,i like all songs :)))

Sue Franklin

I write country and gospel songs. All are copy written in DC. I only write, do not sing or play. Would like to know if you would like to hear my CD's to see if you would be interested in sing any on your CD?


i like shania twain


she gat have beatiful songs and i need to have her songs


She's my favorite singer and she's beautiful!!!

Chris Farley

I'm glad she's back, but some new music is almost a must.


Will the Christmas album be out this year (2012)? I guess we better pack a lunch on a new regular album......


Will the Christmas album be out this year (2012)? I guess we better pack a lunch on a new regular album......


when does Shania come to Europe and specially the Netherlands for a show?


A Shania christmas album would be great -

Madge Brooking Taite

This is great news of Shania....she is very precious to all her Canadian fans. I'm wishing her all the best and will keep her always in my prayers.


me love your music, I'm a big fan of yours, when you come to Mexico, I hope, we would love to be in your show and enjoy your music

Mary Mom Tucson AZ

Shania - so glad your back. You have been greatly missed.
Hoping I will get to see your new show!! Good Luck and have fun.

Robin Taylor

I am beginning to doubt whether we will ever get another regular (not Christmas) album from Shania, she always seems to be putting it back to a later date. Hope I am wrong.

Marie Ann

I doubt very much if there will ever be another album cuz her ex, the super songwriter wrote all her songs. The only one she wrote was today was your day...or maybe Barney the purple dinosaur wrote it for her! My 13 year old girl can do better than that! Shania brings nothing new to the table in vegas...people like to hear new and exciting songs...shania doesn't and can't cut it!!!

Marie Ann

yeah u will never get another album from ms shania cuz her ex husband mutt is gone...he wrote the songs.

Arlene U

So glad Shania is back, I would love to see her concert in Vegas. I love her music and she is such a great entertianer. I read her book, she has done wonders with what she was brought up with. Good luck Shania!


Glad she is back for sure and would love to see her in Vegas

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