The spoils of the War of 1812

Dust off your history books and head to a nearby fort

Two hundred years ago this month, the United States, Great Britain and Canada (still a British colony) went to war for three long years. The battle we now call the War of 1812, which helped define Canada by repelling an American invasion, is being celebrated in a $28-million, three-year bicentennial program. Visitors will find 100 battle re-enactments, interactive exhibits, the expansion of six historic sites related to the conflict and even concerts, all beginning this month. (visit1812.com)  

June 18

Fort George will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the declaraction of the war with lights and sounds all day and night.  

June 30

The Tragically Hip will commemorate the War of 1812 by setting up camp at the historic Butler’s Barracks in Niagara-on-the-Lake with a concert. Just a stone’s throw away is Fort George, the flagship for many bicentennial events, open to concert-goers and visitors.

June 8-24

Some 200 artistic collaborators will occupy an equal number of A-frame tents at Fort York in Toronto to create an art installation and a “metaphorical archeological dig.” A variety of panels and discussions will run at this historical site for the next two years.

Oct. 12-14

The re-enactment of the Battle of Queenston Heights, which saw 6,000 American troops move in to Lewiston in order to invade Canada, outnumbering the British four-to-one will take place in Lewiston, N.Y., and Queenston, Ont.

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