Ultimate Sun Guide Quiz

What kind of sun-seeker are you?

Consider this easy quiz your personal travel concierge. Each of the six destinations we profile on the following pages offers something for everyone, no matter what kind of traveller you are.


  1. Choose the one answer (A to F) that best fits, in each of the five sections.
  2. Tally which letter of the alphabet you have most often.
  3. Discover which Travel Type you are at the bottom of the page.
  4. Go to the corresponding Destination pages.

You most enjoy…

A. Having a soulful beachfront dinner with your partner

B. Poking around at a local market

C. Visiting a well-preserved, historical plantation house

D. Taking the kids to splash in fresh water pools

E. Getting a beachfront lounger with bar service

F. Riding a zipline


Your best afternoon would be…

A. Snuggling on an intimate beach

B. Taking a jeep to tour the backcountry

C. Discovering a local artist’s stunning gallery

D. Enjoying a family picnic on a nearby island

E. Getting a massage

F. Trying a thrilling eco-adventure


Nighttime is made for…

A. Finding romantic places together

B. Exploring a nighttime bio-reserve

C. Experiencing an authentic local meal

D. Settling the kids and catching your breath

E. Relaxing after a nice dinner

F. Nightclub hopping


Your favourite place is…

A. A restaurant that caters to couples

B. A bird-filled mangrove off the beaten track

C. A craft distillery with local spirits

D. A park with kid-friendly activities

E. A shaded beachfront hammock

F. A dive and snorkel centre


The one thing you don’t want to miss is…

A. The sunset horseback ride

B. The catamaran excursion to a rarely visited island

C. The UNESCO World Heritage Site historic city centre

D. The kids’ club

E. The spa

F. The coral reef with its exotic fish


A: Inspiring Romantic: See Barbados.

B: Intrepid Explorer: See Cancun/Riviera Maya.

C: Culture Vulture: See Havana/Varadero.

D: Family Fan: See Jamaica.

E: Real Relaxer: See Dominican Republic.

F: Adventure-Seeker: See Grand Cayman.

Click here for descriptions of each sun destination travel style

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